iain nash



Introduction to Robotics and Programming

Arduino, VEX robotics, C code, quizzes

a year-long introduction to robotics and programming to a homeschooled class of four. biweekly quizzes on programming and robotics were given. topics from the physics around electricity and energy consumption to building a simple motor controller with C and Arduino code was given.


Course Producer for USC CS101

C, C++, Grading

Worked as a Course Producer for the University of Southern California Computer Science 101 class. Prototyped a final project plan for the students involving small robots with CV and camera functionality and improved material around labs. Built a card swipe-based attendance tracking system.


Introduction to NodeJS Workshop

NodeJS, HTTP, Web Server, Socket Communication

Taught an introduction to NodeJS workshop at University of Southern California in coordination with the HackSC hackathon.

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Introduction to Javascript Workshop

JS, JSON APIs, Worshop

Taught an introduction to Javascript with the Lavalab entrepreneurial student association. Provided a workshop element at the end for the participants to create a simple webpage writing out the weather.

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Course Producer for USC CS101

C, C++, Grading

Worked as a Course Producer for Computer Science 101 class using a revamped interactive curriculum. I held office hours for over four hours every week and graded all midterms, projects, and tests over the course of the year working with Prof. Redekopp

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Instructor for ScriptEd Introduction to CS

C, C++, Grading

Taught advanced Javascript & Web programming to local New York high school students for two years working with ScriptEd (now Code Nation)

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Javascript on the ESP32

JS, C++, MongooseOS, ESP32

Gave a talk at Singapore.JS showing examples of Javascript on the ESP32 board using the Mongoose OS and javascript. Included an example of a working web server at the end of the talk that published the temperature.

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Javascript on the ESP8266

JS, C++, MongooseOS, ESP8266, Sensors, I2C

Held a series of workshops focusing on writing Javascript to make IoT devices targeting the ESP8266 chip. After each workshop, participants learn about how Wifi works, how signals are sent and received by microcontrollers. At the end of the workshop, participants publish live temperature data from a Wifi microcontroller to the cloud.

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