iain nash


#dateme off broadway

in collaboration with sam hines
websockets, expo, react native

built an mobile application with a team for #dateme off broadway working with a consultant to the show (+ designer and backend engineer). the application allows participants to create live dating profiles that are featured throughout the show (including a swiping interface, scripted bots that message participants with notifications throughout the show) and incorporating profiles made in the app as a part of the show

#DateMe was a companion app to the #dateme off broadway show. I built the mobile application component of the project and helped work with design and backend consultants to build a full experience. We engaged the audience and had really good interaction numbers, with an average of over half the audience creating a profile and interacting with the application during the performance.

The app was launched as both an android and ios application and included notifications, profile creation, photo management, and coordinated live with the event lighting cues.


splash page question page profile page