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I'm a student that loves electronics, music, crew, learning, classical literature, running, and programming.


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Teaching Basic Electronics 2011

Arduino LED Blink testing - tri-color The class in action

class info (notes, images, reports)

HackSC 2013

programming nodejs mongodb

Website for hacksc hackathon at usc


LiveWrite 2012

programming html nodejs

Instant writing and real-time playback.


InstaSC 2012

socketio nodejs streaming

Instagram stream from the USC area, updates in real-time.


USC Class Profiles

programming rails python facebook-api

Downloading profiles from the USC class of 2016 Facebook page.

USC Class Profiles.

FBSimple 2011

programming backbone coffeescript

Twitter-like facebook interface.

alpha: dev.fbsimple.com

Session.js 2011

programming javascript

Javascript Session Helper. Over 790 watches on Github.

more information on github.

Resistor Color Code

programming sinatra ruby lang-parsing

Convert resistor values to color codes and vice-versa.

Resistor Color Code App.

Automated Defense Disc 2011

microcontroller hardware electronics

Operation Catapult 2011 » code

Catapult Disc Launcher Base Structure + Electronics for the Disc Launcher
abstract / final report

Arduino Experiments 2010

microcontroller experiments

Experiements with the arduino. » code

Wiiremote Robot + LED Matrix 2011

hardware electronics leds vex wii

Built a wiiremote controlled vex robot, LED matrix display, among other electronics projects.

Solar Water Fountain 2009

hardware energy electronics

Built a solar water fountain - charge controller, 12v water pump, solar cell, enclosure, placement.

RemixMyAlbum 2010

music javascript php

Make custom playlists to buy or listen to on youtube.


iDrove 2009

rails ajax postgres auth

Track driving times for state new driver requirements.


(user:demo, pass:demo)

Reaction Time Tester 2009

javascript jquery

Test your reaction time.


Chemistry Balancer 2008

python parser cgi school

Balance and see weight information of elements in an action/reaction.